Tatuajes temporales a prueba de agua Horse King no tóxico sólido hueco nueva estrella de cinco puntas

Tatuajes temporales a prueba de agua Horse King no tóxico sólido hueco nueva estrella de cinco puntas
  • Tatuajes temporales a prueba de agua Horse King no tóxico sólido hueco nueva estrella de cinco puntas
Marca: King Horse
Modelo: HM434
Disponibilidad: 65
Precio: $3.99
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Nuestros tatuajes temporales son certificados por la FDA, EN71, ASTM, seguro y no tóxico.
Use partes: se puede utilizar en la piel, cerámica metal, vidrio y otras superficies. Se adjunta a la cintura, el pecho, el cuello, los brazos, la espalda, las piernas, bikini, pegar cualquier posición que usted desea, también puede cubrir cicatrices, etc.
1) La piel debe estar limpia y libre de aceites y maquillaje.
2) Quitar clara hoja superior de protección.
3) Pulse tatuaje firmemente sobre la piel limpia y seca con el diseño boca abajo.
4) Mantenga un paño húmedo contra la parte trasera del tatuaje, presione hacia abajo y asegúrese de mojar a fondo.
5) Espere 30 segundos (no apresurarse). Desprenda el respaldo de papel.
6) Enjuague suavemente con agua por imagen mejor efecto.
Es de alta calidad con diseños de moda que son falsos, pero parecen de verdad en la piel, que son 100% a prueba de agua y puede durar hasta 7 días.
Easy on off fácil, que se puede quitar con aceite de bebé o alcohol.
Advertencia:. No aplicar sobre la piel sensible, cerca de los ojos o si es alérgico al adhesivo

Mutlu Kilciler el 31/10/2012
5 opiniones
I purchased these for a party at my house. I cut them up so people could easily choose and take the ones they wanted. You have to remember to peel off the clear plastic covering over the tattoo before getting it wet (my friend learned that the hard way) or it will stick to the clear plastic and be rendered useless. They are easy to apply. As far as the durability, it really depends on where you place them and if it is in a location that is cleaned or gets rubbed a lot. Tattoos on my hands and wrists wore off much sooner than those on my shoulders. One of the questions was rate the "toys" educational value. It could be educational if one discusses the history, social values and artistic qualities associated with the art form.
Stephanie M el 31/10/2012
5 opiniones
i ordered these tattoos so i could decide what spot i was going to get my newest real tattoo on. it comes with a great variety with different shapes and sizes. fun to have. i even was complimented on one i had put on my foot, i had to tell them it wasnt real. :)
Robert Brumm el 31/10/2012
5 opiniones
Haven't actually tried these yet, but the designs are generally quite nice, and the package includes some larger designs as well as tiny ones.
Better looking product than the Celtic designs, cleaner designs and more variety in size.
R. Tyler el 31/10/2012
5 opiniones
I ordered these to put out on the tables at a Bollywood-themed dinner party (with about 220 people). They were a hit! People were applying them everywhere--hands, fingers, necks, faces, arms...Very easy to apply and great quality. I still had one on my hand 4 days later in great condition. I liked the variety of designs.
xiuxiu el 31/10/2012
5 opiniones
I ordered these temporary tattoos as a means to get an idea of where I wanted to place my second real tattoo. They are beautiful designs in my opinion, and look exactly like the picture shows. The description clearly states they are temporary tattoos with the same color/look of henna tattoos - that's what I got and I'm very happy.

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