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Who we are

Welcome to, we are a trusted and reliable online retailer and wholsaler, our office located in HONG KONG. Our store offers a wide variety of products, service and information for temporary tattoos, nail art, wigs and jewelry accessories you love! We are committed to bring the highest service quality and satisfaction to our customers. We are always striving to meet and satisfy our customers' demand. 

Our temporary tattoo stickers and nail stickers wholesale minimum order quantity is 500pcs, you can select any product that you want, it can be mixed batch, not limit one product's qty. If meet or over 500pcs, you will share 60% discount, our system will reduce the discount directly when you place order, this is the lowest discount that we can offer, no more bargain. We will deliver via HK DHL to you with free shipping. This is only for temporary tattoos stickers and nail stickers wholesales order.

For Jewelry wholesales minimum order qty is 300pcs, and you will get 50% discount when you place order over 300pcs. Our system will reduce the discount directly. Should you still have any concern about the wholesales order, please kindly contact us at any time by email. Thanks!


Our Mission

We understand your needs and aim to provide you with the best service can offer. Our website will provide you a way to purchase our most popular products quickly and easily from your home or office - anywhere in the world!

We are always looking into the future and welcome all of your suggestions and feedback. If you think that there is something we can do to improve our website, service, or add an additional product please, Contact Us and let us know and we will certainly look in it.

Thank you for visiting our site and have a pleasant shopping experience.